Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time to Boggle your Minds

i, Here's everything i didn't post yet! I Has finished zee(i can say zee cause im french :D) first year of animation! In no particular order here are some animations of this year! ONTO SECOND YEAR!

Thought this was my worst animation ever... In fact it was my best(still don't like it)

Get Up:
This animation, With steve was one of those eye openers for me, I really understood perspective and all that stuff after that.

First Semester Final:
This is mister Sandbag, It was my animation final for the first semester, Not much to say about it except i can do better.

Column Jump:
This is where i learned i really really really really suck at clean up :(

I have my Final first year assignment on my computer... but i would prefer not to show it and i also don't know how i did on it. I'm also ashamed of it for it not being perfect and running out of time but oh well, Shut up about it, learn about it and work harder next time.

To all a Go sens go and To the others... leafs suck (ha tom!(don't kill me D:))

see you in 3d!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am Pat

Read me write


I must say, Algonquin is a fine school. Before entering in animation at Algonquin, I was one of those lackluster Criminology students at Ottawa U without a life. Now I am an animation student at Algonquin that's too busy to have a life. Do I hate it? not one bit... Best decision that ever occurred to cross my mind in the shower.

The Algonquin Animation program has an amazing group of teachers, from Pops to Paul to Keith. Each equally awesome in their own way (I'm open for bribes on who's the best teacher ;) ) Though the best part of this program is without a doubt my fellow comrades. I've never met so many awesome individuals in one classroom. I've been blessed by awesome!

Here's a little teaser, My midterm assignment! a bed jump!

I'm going to post more stuff once I re size it and get it sparkly and stuff


Tuesday, January 6, 2009